MARS Trucker is (brain) Dead


A Fortunate Change of Hands

To shorten the long story....I won this blog in a game of chance and a little finesse from the hand of Little Miss Xylonhexes. She and her group were assisting in a small Iraqi village when I encountered her as you say MOONBATIC ways. I went to her blog and wondered as to why anyone would assault someone so. Xylonhexes gave me a story about the ultimate racist who post comments on several blogs; it was this racist whose arrogence and hatred for muslims, Mexicans, and Blacks resolved her goal to rid the world of Racists even if one-by-one.

I made her a bet that if I won I could take possesion of her blog and change it to my wishes; if she won the bet, I would assist her in her quest to rid the world of racists.

I do not know this Mars Trucker and the very fact that he is dead does not make a difference does it? I want to follow the advise that my mother gave me and that is to only speak of good works when speaking of others. I like the Little Green Footballs blog as there a many kind and good hearted people who post comments there. So, I shall be different than all of the rest of the bloggers who say nothing but bad things about the Little Green footballs blog and commentors; I will find and show the good, the insightful, and humour that is the Little Green Footballs blog.


ps. is Gordon-nodroG real? if so, I think that he has issues that should be resolved by a psychiatrist...he does so need the help so very badly.


Soon this blog will be under the direct control of the Lizaroids...Thank G-d!

Please have patience.....

Thank you...



Racists LGFers

Seems that Charles posted about the President Bush sending the National Guard in to Protect the Borders and the xenophobes filled the room like the cockroaches that they are...

Jawdropper of the Day.

Now as a child of immigrants I find the comments submited by Charles and his ilk racists and blind. Yes blind to the fact that the Southwest United States was once Mexico. After studying US history, I have come to the conclusion that Mexico and Mexicans have every right to remove any white European from the land and send them back to wherever they come from, be it England or Ireland. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago is illegal and Mexico should take back what is theirs. Now I know Charles and his ilk will bring up the fact that Mexico was stolen by the Spaniards, but the Spanish established a culture and a language that is dominate and accepted by all in Latin America.

When Mexico takes over the US from the White Racists, they have assured EARTH®, that the government will treat minorities with the dignity and respect that they deserve, unlike the hate and disdain from White America.

Mayor of Ciudad de Los Angeles-17 Mayo 2006

Greetings, my name is Palaino and I will be taking over the duties of this blog for xylonhexes who is on assignment presently. I will continue in about the same manner as xylonhexes and will concentrate of issues of the US more so.

xylonhexes was unable to post this past month, as she was called as a witness to Steve Maury's (Mars Trucker) trial in Saticoy. MT is now serving a 5 year sentence for violating civil rights of minority individuals through posting "Hate Speech" on LGF, wearing hate apparrel, ect...

We at EARTH® wish to thank CAIR, the NAACP, Senator Clinton, Senator Boxer, the IDL, the witnesses, and most graciously the Saticoy Sheriff's department for their efforts and contributions to ensuring that justice is served.



I recieved the splendiferous news from my contacts about our mutual adversary Mars Trucker who has been indicted on several counts of inciteing HATE SPEECH, failure to hire minorities (as in racial Discrimination) and other charges related to racism. The investigators discovered through their intense probe from researching the internet, that MT posted several HATE SPEECH comments on Little Green Footballs (which are illegal in accordance to American laws) and other blog sites. The incident at a sporting event months ago spurred an investigation prompted by the IPL and CAIR. Both IPL and CAIR have made statements to the fact that Steve Maury (aka Mars Trucker) has made no attempt to apologise for his actions and his verbal attacks on muslims and other other minorities, that was the key to pursue the indictments.

Mars Trucker's assets have been arrogated by the authorities and currently is in "Protective Custody" at this moment.

My sources continued and wish to express their humble gratitude to those who assisted in this manner of resolution in the Pursuance of Justice.

The Second Contact

"Following my guide through the rock strewn, rutted road, that meanders to another decimated village destroyed by coalition forces in their quest to ignite George Bush's revenge on the people of Afghanistan. We come to the charred remains of a helicopter. My guide explains that the men of his village shot the helicopter down with RPGs and captured the pilot, an American who shouted profanities at people who tried to help him out of his burning craft.

My guide continues to tell his story. The American was confronted by the men who asked him (the pilot) to destroy the village, and the American just spat on the ground and replied that was what he thought of the people of Afghanistan. The men dragged the pilot still cursing to the center of the village for all to see. One man whose son Mahmud was killed ever so violently, was allowed the first shot with his AK47 and the American dropped to the ground as the children threw rocks and sticks at the corpse." - Marco S'Jinase (Reporter for EARTH NEWS®)

A fitting end for the enemy of what was pure and civil.

More to follow...


Who's Next?
Any suggestions out there?

I considered justdanny to expose as my next Lizard of contempt but alas, danny is like a raincloud; just reading his posts and comments makes me want to go out and throw myself to the rocks below. I have resources at my fingertips so...anyone?


Or are you going to have me choose?

FATWA Issued by CLERICS against LGFers

You can insult, you spin lies, you can spread hatred throughout the world, you can choose to be Lizardoid and do what you do...BUT, Islam the Religion of Peace, the ever great tolerant belief has come to its end. Clerics yesterday announced a FATWA against LGFers.

Clerics told the faithful if they observe anyone wearing LGF emblems, challenging anyone about Islam ect... they are to carry out the order of the FATWA.

Tip of the KUFI to Ashir al bin Hasheem


The Parallels between The plight of Mexicans and the Palestinians

I have received quite a few comments in regards to my immigration posts (some I deleted for poor or racist content). A good friend of mine and associate from EARTH Nazir al Qatar, who is btw LGFers, a Palestinian, brought to my attention the parallels of the plight of Mexicans and Palestinians.

Both the Mexican and Palestinian peoples are oppressed by a people who invaded their sovereign homeland, they both were deprived of their dignity; they both live in subservient conditions to their oppressors; and both groups have finally recognised that unless they take control and initiative, both will lose what table scraps are left to their existence.

The Palestinians have a wall that disunites them from the rest of their homeland and the Mexicans should observe this warning as a plan is afoot to construct a wall to obstruct and prevent the Mexicans access to what is lawfully theirs initially.

Fortunately, some enterprising students have taken up the courage to challenge the illegitimate and corrupt government and the xenophobes of the dis-United States -see link below- tip of the Kufi to Ramon Perez

Nazir's suggestion to the students: This is your country, this is your future. Take up the fight, not with guns or knives, but use your minds. Refuse to obey whatsoever the xenophobes tell you. Paralyse their transportation system by obstruction of their freeways, and rail systems. Go to the harbours and obstruct the flow of commerce. Refuse to patronize any of the major retail outlets. Refuse to attend your classes (they are only instructing you in their image and only teach you what they want you to know). Demand that the southwest be returned to the rightful peoples…you the Mexican peoples, this is your land, not the evil descendants of European debris who by their own foolhardiness, found the New World.
Do this but do this peacefully, as you have done before. You have the numbers, the masses, you have the will.


This is Wrong

The thoughtless, arrogant people of the U.S. (the white, fearful ones that is) should take a long introspective gaze into their empty cold hearts.
One cannot look at the image here and turn away, not wanting to give aid and comfort.

The U.N. should step in and if necessary, use force to oblige America to allow the so called illegal aliens enter and be given the rights of citizenship automatically (it is their right as human beings), provide free education, provide free medical care, and provide free housing.

Americans (the rich and middle class) have enough money to achieve these simple and humanistic tasks. If America is truly the world's only Super Power, then use that power for the good and not xenophobic propagation.


Just who does the American Southwest
Belong to, Americans or Mexicans?

Amid the protest of of a proposed bill in the United States Congress that would make illegal immigration a felonious crime, I ask you,
Who owns the American Southwest?

Seems to me that the Mexicans were there long before Starbucks®, long before the Tract homes that consume the pristine countryside; When Mexico owned the southwest, Mexicans were much better off.

I say evict the Land Thieves, they are as the Israelis who stole the land from the Palestinians. It is time that the American whites face reality, that they are not the world's Superior Beings.

Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Muslims are not your subordinates. The minorities of the world outnumber the oppressive whites and I hope in my heart of hearts that there soon will be an awakening by minorities who should step up and take control of the world...their world that was stolen from them by the oppressive white americans.

Creeping, Crawling, Sneaky, Conniving LGFers

The First Meeting

As the cold morning air harshly bit into my face, trudging along the isolated mountain trail that falls away to a break in the ridge, my guide points to our destination. The small village of tiny houses built of stone, morning fires burning and the aroma of freshly brewed tea wafts in the stillness. I am surround by hope and despair, a people long weary of wars with Russia and now, the Coalition forces.

No male child is safe from harm and every female child is a potential rape victim from the wandering soldiers. The people rely on their faith in Allah and the word of Allah through the Great Prophet. Clinging to the hope that one day, peace will open its fading, wounded arms and welcome them home.

But the sounds of Fighter planes, attack helicopters, and artillary fire off in the distance reminds us all, that peace at this point, is only a faint hope in a war weary world....